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The Human and Institutional Development Forum (HIDF) builds individual and organisational competencies throughout the development sector.  HIDF partnerships encompass a wide spectrum of players ranging from individuals, groups and collectives to civil society organisations, state, parastatal organisations and funding agencies.
HIDF was registered as an NGO in 2002 and is based in Bengaluru in the state of Karnataka.  Our work extends throughout India.  HIDF has a team of dedicated professionals and is further supported by a network of multi-disciplinary professionals that contribute to its programmatic engagements.

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tools & resources

Organisational Change Facilitation Program Position Paper

The Purpose of this document is to give a short overview of OD to those working in the social sector, and those recently introduce

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Leadership and Governance

The trigger for the present paper comes from the deliberations of the three-day National Colloquium organized by HIDF (Bangalore)

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This paper reviews current themes in the area of leadership transition, both in the corporate sector (which influences though

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