Our Purpose

We envision a society that believes in equality of opportunities that allows all to have access to skills, knowledge, resources and support systems to optimize citizen’s aspirations to build a just future.

Our strategic focus is to engage with diverse actors in the development sector for enabling transformative social change. HIDF also networks with other support organizations in offering competency-building programmes. Against the backdrop of rapid changes in the development context, HIDF is diversifying its engagements and constituency base.

Our Engagements Encompass
  • Training and capacity building for individuals, groups, and organisations
  • Organisational consulting (including strategic planning, team building, leadership development, governance, reviews, evaluations and change facilitation)
  • Research and knowledge building 

Our Primary Task 
  • Developing and strengthening HID capacities in individuals and organisations in their complex roles of empowering disadvantaged communities.
  • Promoting the relevance of HID in development organisations
  • Exploring the conceptual and methodological base of HID based on experiences and by appropriating best practices from the environment