Our Strategies

HIDF has five strategies to reach our vision…
  • Providing organizational change support through accompaniment
This domain of work involves working with organizations in identifying their change needs and strengthening organisational effectiveness. The focus of this work is predominantly with organizations involved in grass root level action.
  • Building people’s competencies towards enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of social change work
This domain is about creating learning opportunities for people to gain and enhance skills, perspectives, knowledge and orientations to perform their roles more effectively. This in turn enables individuals to locate the change needs and facilitate change processes at self and organizational levels. Hence individuals become sources of and resources for change.
  • Research and knowledge Building
This enables us to explore themes and methodologies related to institution building processes (such as leadership, gender and equity mainstreaming, methodologies in organizational change facilitation and management) in different contexts. This informs our work and helps develop a knowledge base on HID.
  • Promoting HID organizations and building partnerships

We will continuously strive to expand our zone of influence through promoting individuals as HID resource points, and co creating porgrammes with like minded organizations.
  • Consulting

Offering our services to the diverse actors in the development sector provides us valuable opportunity to contribute, learn and move towards financial sustainability.