Vacancy at HIDF- Executive Director - Please see Join us for more info

23 - May - 2018


Bengaluru, INDIA

Executive Director Position

Human and Institutional Development Forum (HIDF) is seeking to recruit a dynamic and self-directed social development professional as its Executive Director. The candidate must possess a Master’s degree in social sciences from a reputed university with an experience of atleast 7 years in a leadership position with a demonstrated competence in human and institutional development (HID).

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HIDF Newsletter Now Available

01 - January - 2014

HIDF has launched an email newsletter, featuring news and upcoming events and providing information and resources on a variety of organisational development themes such as change, conflict, and growth.  A sample edition is available by clicking on the "download brochure" link below.  To subscribe, please send your request and email address to  
All past editions are always available for browsing and download here 

HID Snippet Date
Financial Management in NGOs May 2016

Taking risk in organisations

April 7,2016
Why Board Should Govern Mar 5, 2016
Femininity, Masculinity and Leadership Feb 5, 2016
Senior Leadership Transition Jan 5, 2016
Coaching  Dec 8, 2015
Organisational Culture Nov 3, 2015
Organisational Trap Sep 21, 2015
Media Aug 7, 2015
Focus on Funding Jul 8, 2015
Group Decision Jun 8, 2015
Enabling the Most Vulnerable May 8, 2015
Value based Leadership Mar 9, 2015
Leadership for Change Feb 11, 2015
Understanding Unconscious Processes at Group Level Jan 3, 2015
Engaging with Unconscious Processes Dec 4, 2014
Measuring Change  Nov 6, 2014
Resistance to Change  Oct 13, 2014
Crisis Jul 28, 2014
Growth Jun 20, 2014
Change May 14, 2014
Conflict Apr 22, 2014
Planning  Mar 14, 2014
HID Snippet  Feb 21, 2014
Leadership Transition Feb 19, 2014

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HIDF work with Rehnumah recognized by Assessment and Monitoring Authority

04 - June - 2014

Rehnuma –Help and Entitlement Centre, Gulbarga – Karnataka is pilot programme designed and executed by Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) in partnership with HID Forum.  It enables religious minorities to access their entitlements through awareness programs, trainings, stakeholders meeting, meetings with duty bearers and right holders, and by sensitization programmes. This program is implemented in 10 states, including Karnataka. HIDF anchored and supported this programme with technical support of CSJ and financial support of NFI in Karnataka with and implementing organization is Gulbarga called SAHARA.

This entitlement centre model, appropriateness and its achievements are well appreciated by the Assessment and Monitoring Authority (AMA) of India in its reports. A very special appreciation is made regarding the work of Rehnuma –Help and Entitlement Centre, Gulbarga – Karnataka. This gives HIDF team and the SAHARA Program team lots of energy and support to continue with new spirit and new dreams. 

The report is downloadable by clicking the "download brochure" link below. The highlighted points are the specific references to the Rehnuma programme.
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