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Group Relations Conference 2014-15

08 - February - 2015 TO 13 - February - 2015

Human and Institution Development Forum and Group Relations Conference are happy to announce its 7th Group Relations Conference (GRC) on Transforming System- Exploring the place of compassion in the exercise of leadership. Group Relations Conferences are intensive experiential temporary organisations, which offer unique opportunities to explore your role as leader, manager, and follower as well as the habitual patterns that influence individual and group identities and collective behaviour, both conscious and unconscious. There is a growing recognition that current ways of valorising what creates value and what gives meaning are failing us, calling for paradigm shifts in ways of looking at oneself, relationships, organisations, and society.

To encourge participation from civil society organisations, we are offering the programme with a subsidised contribution. Bursaries are also available.

For more information please read the brochure or you can visit 

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Organisational Change Facilitation Programme 2014 -15

06 - September - 2014 TO 24 - July - 2015

The Organisational Change Facilitation Programme  (OCFP) aims to enable and equip women and men from civil society to emerge as a value based OCF practitioners. This programme is being announced when unprecedented changes are influencing and affecting the way civil society organisations are designed and functioning. Organisational development is increasingly becoming critical for survival, growth and sustainability. We believe organisational change theory and practice is vital for facilitating this transformatory process.

The Organisational Change Facilitation Programme (OCFP) is a 4 module programme with key focus on theory, hands-on experience and a strong emphasis on application in your work space. The program develops competent organisational change facilitators to act as catalysts and creators of responsive organizations that continuously learn from development practice. OCFP will enable individuals and organizations to creatively engage with change in a planned way in order that organizations remain relevant and effective.

If you would like a copy of the brochure in Hindi or for more information, please write

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Listening to the Unconscious in Self, Groups, and Society

26 - June - 2014 TO 29 - June - 2014

This open enrollment workshop offers an opportunity to enhance one's understanding of unconscious processes in individuals and groups and explore how they affect one's work in groups and institutions. 
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Group Relations Conference 2013-14

09 - February - 2014 TO 16 - February - 2014

Group Relations Conference 

Group relations Conferences are intensive experiential, temporary organizations, which offer unique opportunities to explore one’s role as a leader, manager and follower as well as the forces that influence individual and group identities and collective behavior. 
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05 - July - 2012 TO 05 - February - 2013

Smart organisations are those that invest in their health and sustainability. Included among the processes that ensure these are the strategies of encouraging second line leaders to emerge and for leadership to cascade into the entire structure of the organization. The strengthening of second line leaders in organisations enables heads or chief functionaries to expand their roles into much needed areas, such as focusing on governance and building linkages related to projects and funding.  HIDF organises periodic open enrollment workshops on second line leadership and facilitates this topic in organisations by request. 
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