Building Peoples Competencies

Training and capacity building is about strengthening individuals’ capacities in their roles as change agents in organisational and institutional settings. While training is a part of accompaniment processes, HIDF also designs, organizes and facilitates open learning events on themes relevant to HID.
We create learning opportunities for people to gain and enhance relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform their roles more effectively. This in turn enables individuals to locate the change needs and facilitate change processes at self and organizational levels. Hence individuals become sources of and resources for change. HIDF networks with other support organizations in offering competency-building programmes. The past year’s highlights in this aspect of our work follow.
Organisational Change Facilitation
The OCF program has been developed to address the need for professional facilitators of change in the development sector.  This 13-month program comprises of 4 modules, a project phase and a review and evaluation event. HID Forum has been offering the program since 2006. The program conducted in 2012-13 is the 4th one being offered.

HID Fellowship
This 3-modular program is designed to build competencies in individuals to take on the additional responsibility of being second line leaders and to initiate a process of role shifting and expansion within organisations towards their sustainability.

Community Learning Movement
Community Learning Movement (CLM) is a grass roots level advocacy-building program initiated and supported by National Centre for Advocacy Studies (NCAS). The program structure of CLM consists of conducting six modular training programs spanning a year among village level volunteers. Mr. Dileep Kamat who has been associated with this program of HIDF ever since it was offered in 2007continued to be part of its core group.

Group Relations Conference
Group relations Conferences are intensive experiential, temporary organizations, which offer unique opportunities to explore one’s role as a leader, manager and follower as well as the forces that influence individual and group identities and collective behavior. 

Workshop on Listening to the Unconscious
The workshop offers opportunities to enhance one’s understanding of unconscious processes in groups and individuals and how they affect each other as well as an exploration of the implications of the above for one’s work in groups and institutions.