Organisational Development and Institution Building

​​We work with organizations in identifying change needs and enhancing their effectiveness. These planned processes of change are facilitated through the approach of accompaniment. Accompaniment is participatory, involving HID Forum and the client organisation working in partnership towards achieving the desired change. It involves dialogue, designing interventions, giving support in implementation and providing feed back towards addressing the development needs of the organisation.
Our accompaniment work during 2012-13, involved engaging with a variety of organisations in terms of types, size and sectoral involvement. The nature of interventions either long term (6 months to a year or more) or short term (3 to 4 months) ranged from visioning, to streamlining governance to strategic re-orientation to building competencies among staff. While some engagements were continuations from the previous year and were happening for a second third time, some others were new, giving us fresh insights into aspects of development organisations in terms of how they function as well as the environments or sectors they operate in.

Since its inception, HIDF has accompanied 74 different organisations, involving interventions that fall into the arena of:
  • Strategising, visioning, developing perspectives
  • Organisational restructuring
  • Gender and equity mainstreaming
  • Setting up or strengthening systems for smoother functioning- governance, financial systems, planning monitoring and evaluation
  • Leadership  
  • Building internal HID competencies
  • Team building