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Organisational Change Facilitation Program Position Paper
Tejinder Singh Bhogal The Purpose of this document is to give a short overview of OD to those working in the social sector, and those recently introduced to this field. OCFP Position Paper
Leadership and Governance
Uma Ramaswamy, Gagan Sethi, Haritha Sarma and Eswara Prasad
The trigger for the present paper comes from the deliberations of the three-day National Colloquium organized by HIDF (Bangalore) and EDI (Ahmedabad) on ‘Leadership and Governance in Civil Society’ in Ahmedabad from 22 to 24 July 2014. The Colloquium brought together notable leaders from civil society, select faculty from management institutes and, above all, the vibrant student community of EDI. The deliberations of the colloquium placed the engagements of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in a critical perspective for reflections and forward-looking paths. To place the insights of the colloquium in ongoing debates in civil society, we have to draw salient trends from secondary sources to enrich the document in its articulation. 

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Susan Loucks & Haritha Sarma
This paper reviews current themes in the area of leadership transition, both in the corporate sector (which influences thoughts and strategies in other sectors) and specifically in civil society. We then investigate specific dilemmas of senior leadership transition, and further develop recommendations illustrated by 10 case studies of NGO senior leadership transitions in India.
Integrating Social Justice Dimensions for Women’s Empowerment in Microfinance
Uma Ramaswamy & Anuradha Prasad  This document examines burgeoning microfinance initiatives and the potential of these initiatives to intervene on certain gender issues. Integrating Social Justice Dimensions for Women’s Empowerment in Microfinance