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Group Relations Conference 2016

18 - January - 2016 TO 23 - January - 2016

Group Relations India and Human and Institution Development Forum are happy to offer its 8th Group Relations Conference (GRC). This Group Relations Conference focuses on the theme of  on Knowing and Not Knowing - Exploring Intention and Risk in Self and Systems and explores how both these stances influence the forming of our intentions and the possibility of our taking risks. What is our intention in this changing world where what one took as the truth yesterday, becomes a question mark today and is seen as obsolete tomorrow? What choices do we make – consciously and unconsciously – about what we will know and not know? What risks are we taking and avoiding? What is their real nature? And their implications?
Group Relations Conferences (GRCs) are intensive experiential temporary organisations, which offer unique opportunities to explore your role as leader, manager and follower as well as the habitual patterns that influence individual and group identities and collective behaviour, both conscious and unconscious. Through its title and task, this GRC is an invitation to explore these dynamics at various levels – the individual, group and system, recognising that these levels of awareness are interdependent and are constantly shaping and co-creating each other.

For more information please read the brochure.

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Furthering Learning about small group processes

21 - November - 2015 TO 23 - November - 2015

This is the firsr time Group Relations India offering a three days programme on 'FURTHERING LEARNING ABOUT SMALL GROUP PROCESSES' This programme meant for those interested in advancing their learning of small group processes within the group relations framework. 
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Listening to the Unconscious in Self, Groups and Society

24 - November - 2015 TO 27 - November - 2015

Group Relations India and HID Forum are pleased to announce a 4 days workshop on Understanding the Unconscious Processes in Self, Groups and Soceity. This open enrollment workshop offers an opportunity to enhance one's understanding of unconscious processes in individuals and groups and explore how they affect one's work in groups and institutions. The primary task of this workshop is to explore, in the here and now, what the conscious and unconscious material that surfaces during various events and sessions of the workshop means, in terms of group process.

Please see the brochure and application form for workshop to be held in Lonavala, Maharashtra.

For further discussion or information please contact Anuradha Prasad (Director of the workshop +91 9845236741) or Uma Ravi Kumar (Administrator of the workshop +91 9769421935)

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Leadership for change Programme

11 - May - 2015 TO 11 - July - 2015

The landscape in which organizations from the civil society function is changing in space, form and color. While keeping to the core values of transparency and accountability there is an increased need for leveraging newer models of funding, engaging in cross-sector and intra-sector networking, rethinking stakeholder constituency, finding technology oriented solutions, designing frameworks for impact assessment etc.  While these external factors drive the need for change within organizations, the ever-increasing challenges and conflicts related to staffing, learning, growth prompt towards the need for senior and midline functionaries to enhance their capacity and perspective to lead the organization.  

Taking leadership means to take responsibility for making sense of change, establishing starting points, managing the change journey and communicating the guiding principles inline with the vision and objectives of the organization. It is also  the critical role of the leaders to see that there is an organic connection between various aspects of organizations like vision- mission, systems, people and programs in achieving a the desired change.  As a consequence, the measure of leadership success is not what one person can generate, but how effective the team is at getting the right things done.  This programme focuses on a paradigm of leadership with the ability to connect with people together with the organizational change instruments like systems, processes, vision, culture etc.

The purpose of the programme is to build leadership perspectives and competencies in senior and middle level functionaries to enable him / her to anchor the role of an internal change facilitator in the organization and through him / her strengthen in-house capabilities of the organization with ongoing support from HIDF during the programme period.

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How to Build a Value Driven Organization

26 - November - 2014 TO 30 - November - 2014

Leadership Acadamy announcing four days retreat on "How to build a value driven organization" in Ahemedabad, Gujrat. 

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